Conditions of Use

We think it is important to consider everything for our customers.

1) We’ll test all the watches before shipment, QC pictures will be shown, and we won’t send a watch which has defect. If the watch is a little different, I will inform you before shipment, to get your approval.

2) We’ll tell you the tracking number as long as the shipment, which needs some time to reach there. So please try to be patient.


We offer 90 days warranty on every watch you purchase from this site. Watches may be returned or exchanged only if it is faulty. Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear or damages caused by external reasons (such as scratches, missing stones, dents, nicks, fading/chipping of the material on the product etc). Warranty does not cover water damage, lost or stolen parts, damage due to personal misuse or negligence. Therefore we strongly recommend not to swim, dive, surf or have any other similar activity with any watches.


We can give you a free service within the first month since you got the watch, such as exchange a new movement, and some other parts if there is some quality problem. We can help you if it is beyond 90 days as well. I will tell you the cost for exchanging the parts before we exchange the new parts.



If the watch you got has quality problem, we will offer an exchange or refund policy. But before the shipment, we will show you the QC pictures, once you said the watch is YES, we will not exchange or refund the watch if no quality problem there.


If you insist in getting a full refund without any quality problem, we have to charge you 20%.

If you insist in exchanging another one without any quality problem, we will charge you 20%.


The following is the premise we can give you a full refund : 

1. The item is in its original condition, which means the product hasn't been sized, worn, plastic not removed, damaged, scratched or tampered with.

 2. We will pay the cost if the quality has problem for the return.

 3. The refund amount will be the exact amount you paid for the item without shipping fee.

 4. Exchanges will be subject to price difference adjustment (if there is any).

 5. Please contact before returning the goods to avoid unnecessary costs on both sides.

6. Please return the watch with Registered Mail, which means you have to afford us a tracking number, if you return with general mail without number, we will not take any responsibility when it is lost or stolen.